What Does Our Experience Mean For You?

What is Livescan Screening/Fingerprinting?

Years ago, people who were required to be fingerprinted had to submerge their fingers in disgusting black ink and wait up to a month before their background screening results were received.

Livescan fingerprinting is the process of "rolling" the fingerprints of individuals onto a glass plate using specialized equipment. These fingerprint images are then electronically submitted to law enforcement for analysis. The results are usually received by the requesting agency within 24-72 hours.

What is FDLE certification and why is that important to you?

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Exam is a certification test controlled by the State of Florida. A state requirement for those who wish to work in the criminal justice field, the FDLE exam measures knowledge and competency in their chosen discipline. Our staff's knowledge of the industry helps to maximize your results.

Photo Enabled Equipment

We specialize in providing Livescan fingerprinting services for Level 2 Background Screenings.  Our Biometric system is equipped with the software that is required to upload both the photographs and fingerprints of our clients as required by many state agencies.